The Ikaruga (斑鳩?) is the Silhouette Knight of Ernesti Echevalier, his dream creation. It is powered by two Ether Reactors; the Queen's Coronet and the Behemoth's Heart. The Silhouette Knight is blue and gold in color, with purple eyes. It possesses flight powers, Strand Type Crystal Tissue, four sub-arms, and a sword that can shoot energy.

Ernesti has used it so far to capture a checkpoint from the Kingdom of Zaloudek and destroy a group of enemy Tyrantos being deployed from a Levitate Ship.



The Ikaruga after awakening.

Ernesti's dream, ever since his original life, has been to create his own robot and pilot it. Upon being reincarnated into the world of the Silhouette Knights, he decided to pursue it there. The Ikaruga is the robot he has always hoped to make, with an unrivaled power.

The Ikaruga's Ether Reactors, the Queen's Coronet and the Behemoth's Heart, come from the two massive demon beasts Ernesti defeated. He killed the Behemoth using Dietrich's Guair, and the Queen Shellcased using his Toybox. After defeating the two demon beasts, he was educated by the Alvs in the creation of Ether Reactors. Following 3 months of study, he began working to craft both crystals into Ether Reactors.

With his new, ultra-powerful Reactors, Ernesti commissioned the Silhouette Knight body he wanted and had the Ether Reactors inserted. Not only did the Ikaruga possess two Reactors, but each was far more powerful than a normal Ether Reactor, giving Ernesti more than enough mana to begin installing all of his creations. Unlike the Toybox, which spent 85% of its mana to fly for approximately 20 seconds, the Ikaruga has demonstrated the ability to fly with ease for extended periods and launching off multiple high-powered attacks without slowing. Its current maximum capacity is unknown.