Light & Shadow is the fourth episode of Knight's & Magic.


While Ernesti and the engineers try to find a way to fix the Telestale's high mana consumption, he also builds weapons for the Silhouette Gears, including an automatic crossbow.

Addy and Kid report to their father about the Telestale's performance, as according to the bargain which they made with him. He, in turn, informs Marquis Dixgard. Under Marquis Dixgard's orders, the Order of the Scarlet Rabbit has three Telestale Silhouette Knights brought to Fort Casadesus, where the Marquis will inspect and test the Knights personally.

However, the group runs into trouble in the desert, where a Shaker Worm attacks their group. The massive beast looms over the group, but the Telestales destroy it with ease, using magic bullets to shoot it down. Unaware of everyone, the ambush was set up by Order of the Bronze Fang, the spies who have been observing Ernesti's work.

At Fort Casadesus, Marquis Dixgard, who dislikes Ernesti for making such a huge jump in Knight design, meets him personally. After telling Ernesti that he will be reporting the all-new Silhouette Knight design to the King, the Marquis is flabbergasted that Ernesti doesn't mind. Dixgard demands an explanation, and Ernesti reveals to him that he doesn't care about becoming famous or rich. To him, building Silhouette Knights is everything he's ever wanted, and he only hopes to be able to build them forever. The Marquis, still stunned, relents, and agrees to the deal.

Unfortunately, trouble is brewing. As Ernesti's friends head to Fort Casadesus to get him, the Order of the Bronze Fang causes a demon beast attack at a nearby village. The Scarlet Rabbit knights depart to kill the beasts, but the Bronze Fang have their own tricks to play during their absence...