Scrap & Build is the third episode of Knight's & Magic.


In Schreiber Castle, Kankunen, Lauri Echevalier presents his grandson Ernesti to the king who wants to reward him any prize for defeating the Behemoth. After a long deep thought, Ernesti asks for the classified schematics of an Ether Reactor, the heart of a Silhouette Knight, his grandfather and the king's subjects, among them Stefania's father, are shocked that he would request one the country's greatest treasures and best kept secrets, especially Dixgard. The king affirms Ernesti's assumption that only the king could grant that wish of his and asks why he will do once he has learned the mysteries of the Ether Reactor. Ernesti explains his ultimate goal is to acquire his own unique Silhouette Knight, which can be easily granted, but he also wants to build it with his own hands. When asked why he replies that it is his hobby. Lauri, the subjects, and the guards are all shocked but the King himself is amused with Ernesti's  answer and agrees to the request on the condition that he can make good use of the Ether Reactor's manufacturing methods by building a sufficiently impressive Silhouette Knight body first.

One of the King's advisors, Marquis Selati, Stefania, Addy and Kid's father, tells his children to report to him if Eru is successful so he may inform the King.

Later in Lailalia, Dwarves hoist up a Silhouette Knight hand while their boss, David, tells them not to slack off. David cannot comprehend the level of damage Ernesti did to the Guair during his fight with the Behemoth. Ernesti explains his plan to improve a Silhouette Knight's performance to  Batson and David, who are impressed with Eru's idea. Using Helvi's Trandorkis as a test subject, Eru and the Dwarven engineers improves the Trandorkis strength by 30% using stranded crystal tissues and adds two sidearms armed with magic rods behind it's back to the Silhouette Knight can fight close range and cast spells at the same time. In the meantime, Eru and Batson also built Silhouette Gears, human size mech suits so that Addy and Kid can learn how to operate Silhouette Knights. With the improvements done, the Trandorkis, now renamed Telestale, performs well in its first test run. Later, Helvi's Telestale battles Edgar's Earlcumber in a mock match and almost win before the Telestale mana runs out. Later that night, the engineers celebrate the Telestale's success and Eru thinks of more Silhouette Knight ideas, unaware that another group is spying on their work. 




  1. Ambrosius Fremmevilla
  2. Lauri Echevalier
  3. Ernesti Echevalier
  4. Dixgard
  5. Selati
  6. Stephania
  7. Adeltrud Walter
  8. Archid Walter
  9. David
  10. Baston
  11. Dietrich
  12. Helvi Oberi
  13. Edgar C. Blanche


  1. Guair
  2. Silhouette Gears
  3. Telestale
  4. Earlcumber


  • This adapts chapters 10 to 12 of the Light Novel.
  • When some dwarves were hoisting up a Silhouette Knight hand, one of them shouts "Hey give me a hand."