Selestina Echevarria (セレスティナ・エチェバルリア Seresutina Echebaruria?) is a character from and the narrator of Knight's & Magic. She is the mother of Ernesti Echevalier.

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Celestina is a beautiful woman with a great figure. She sports silver hair which was where her son got it from

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(OY 1268) Edit

Celestina was venturing alongside her son and father in law to an unknown destination. However, they were attacked by Demon Beasts. While she and Mathias handled them, the largest of them attacked the carriage they exited from. Celestia cried out Ernesti's name as her son was still inside the carriage.

Thankfully, Lauri arrived and dealt the creature saving Ernesti. After Ernesti was inspired by the Silhouette Knight, he went to his mother for help in his studies.

Episode 7 showed Celestina and the family hearing that Ernesti became the leader of the Silver Phoenix Knights and would be occupying the academy to continue research and development. While her husband and father in law were at a loss for words, Celestina showered her son with praise.

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  • Also the narrator of the story