The wielders point their wands at the target and yell "Aerothrust" followed by the name of the object they want to launch at said target. As demonstrated by Ernesti Adeltrud and Archid, three wielders casting this high spell is sufficient to launch a dwarf at three human children, such that it knocks them unconscious.[1]

Air BulletEdit

With the help of Dietrich Ernesti used this against a division class behemoth.


Launches a flying fireball floating above the end of the rod to the target, although it is difficult to control. Taught in the Magical Fundamentals class at Laihiala's elementary school, it was used in OY 1274 by Stephania Selaty to fight off Demon Beasts until Ernesti came to the rescue using what appeared to be a more controlled version. [1]

Piercing LanceEdit

Purple and yellow flames are launched from the end of the rod to the target, setting them on fire. As demonstrated by Ernesti Echevaliar, the spell is able to hit at most three targets in succession.[1]

Riot SparrowEdit

A pink blast comes out of the end of wielder's baoyonet-like rod, splitting into five different parts that can damage the target. Adeltrud used it to defend Stephania in OY 1274.[1]

Sonic BladeEdit

The wielder swings their sword-like rod at a distance from the target twice to a form an green x-shape, damaging the target. Archid used it to defend Stephania in OY 1274.[1]

Thundering GaleEdit

A purple vortex is generated by the rod and launched at the target, disintegrating the targets upon impact, leaving behind brief bolts of electricity.[1]


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