The Tzendolg is a type of Silhouette Knight invented by Ernesti Echevalier.

Appearance Edit

Tzendolgs are a pale green-blue in color. They are in the shape of centaurs. They either wield spears, which can be used for devastating charges, or rods, which enable speedy ranged attacks.

History Edit

Invented by Ernesti Echevalier in preparation for the arena competition with the Silhouette Knight Laboratory, the Tzendolgs are massive centaurs. Their bodies are plated in armor which keeps them safe, but doesn't slow them down.

The centaur was used to a devastating effect when, during the arena battle, it jumped over the weapons of its enemies, smashing their heads in with its hooves. Although originally requiring two pilots, the next version of the Tzendolgs were one-seaters.

The Tzendolg is the first known Silhouette Knight to feature two Ether Reactors.